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Ennead Architects issues design for Dishui Lake Financial Bay| Updated: May 16, 2022 L M S

The design for the Dishui Lake Financial Bay pilot project in Lin-gang Special Area in East China's Shanghai was unveiled by Ennead Architects on May 13, featuring both functional areas for multinational corporations to operate and open spaces for surrounding communities to enjoy.

Designed around a central axis that joins with Dishui Lake, the project will create a new hub for global commerce and serve as a link between two globally iconic and economically important areas.

In the future, Dishui Lake Financial Bay will build a new financial development model with Shanghai's financial center Lujiazui and Waitan (the bund) financial agglomeration zone.

According to the design, the project will include four commercial buildings, more than 890,000 square meters of commercial space, over 7,500 sq m of civic cultural space and more than 28,000 sq m of public open space.

According to Peter Schubert, design partner of Ennead, the project will implement an international standard of architecture that reflects China's role in 21st-century global commerce.


A rendering of the planned Dishui Lake Financial Bay. Located in the core area of Lin-gang Special Area is the dramatic "ring of glory", which symbolizes the cooperation mode of flourishing financial services and closely connected industries in the whole region. [Photo/]


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