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New targets planned for Lin-gang's hydrogen vehicle industry

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Dec 13, 2021 L M S

Lin-gang Special Area in Shanghai is expected to become an influential international cooperation zone for the hydrogen vehicle industry, according to the area's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) for the industry released on Oct 23.

The output value of the area's hydrogen vehicle industry is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan ($3.15 billion) by 2025.

In addition, Lin-gang Special Area will be able to produce all the key components – such as fuel cell stacks, membrane electrodes, bipolar plates, and hydrogen tanks – within the next five years. And production will be dramatically scaled up.

Companies will work on building hydrogen fuel cell stacks with enhanced durability, membrane electrode assemblies with high power density, and will look at ways to cut the costs of transporting liquid hydrogen.

Current bottlenecks, such as the production of catalyst layers, hydrogen tanks, and proton exchange membranes are expected to ease in the coming years.

According to the plan, at least five high-profile international companies that produce auto parts for hydrogen vehicles will base themselves in the Lin-gang Special Area.

Furthermore, Lin-gang will cultivate five such companies valued at 1 billion yuan, two listed companies, and a number of unicorn firms focusing on membrane electrodes and carbon paper.

Over 1,500 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and 14 hydrogen refueling stations will operate in the urban area of the Lin-gang and Donghai Bridge area, including four stations integrating hydrogen production and refueling.

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