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New policies foster growth of hydrogen energy in Lin-gang Special Area

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Dec 3, 2021 L M S

The government of Lin-gang Special Area in Shanghai has unveiled a new package of measures to spur the growth of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industries. The measures include steps to support the construction of hydrogen supply chains and an industrial ecosystem.

In boosting the use of fuel cell vehicles, the government will offer rewards for trucks, commuters and public vehicles that runs more than designated mileages within four years.

Lin-gang has pledged to guarantee the stability of hydrogen prices. For retailers selling hydrogen at prices of less than 35 yuan ($5.5) per kilogram, a premium reward will be given according to the actual sales of hydrogen.

Fuel cell vehicles will receive priority when passing through some specific areas and roads in the Lin-gang Special Area, as well as cheaper tolls and parking fees.

More support will be extended to Lin-gang's firms or R&D institutes that achieve technological breakthroughs in fields including the key core components of fuel cell vehicles and high-end hydrogen equipment.

The measures also support near-zero-carbon hydrogen production such as offshore wind and photovoltaic power, and low-carbon hydrogen production such as liquid ammonia and methanol. The measures also promote the construction of hydrogen storage facilities in industrial parks, Yangshan Deep Water Port, tidal flats and other unused land and offshore waters.

The measures support the establishment of various institutions including a hydrogen energy innovation center, engineering technology center, R&D center, key laboratory and inspection and testing institutions.

More support will be extended to provide financing assurance or cheap loans to qualified enterprises or projects.

For the skilled workers introduced to the area's hydrogen energy firms, the eligibility for permanent household registration will be broadened and support will be provided to buy or rent houses. In addition, extra schools and healthcare facilities will be made available.


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