Green space aims to be hub of community

China Daily| Updated: Nov 18, 2021 L M S

For an insight into designs that combine science, nature and culture, a park in the Lin-gang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is the place to look.

The park is a key component of the community of top scientists, which has a planned area of about 3.2 square kilometers and is positioned as a cradle of frontier sciences.

With a total area of about 14.3 hectares, the park is designed to satisfy residents' needs for nature, sports, socializing, culture and art activities. It will be the largest green space in the community, said a local official.

To respond to the design concept of "ubiquitous green, ubiquitous science and ubiquitous art", a special bridge will be built in the park. It is inspired by a Mobius ring, a never-ending form whose beginning connects to its end. The bridge is under construction and will be opened before November next year. Its designer assures that it will be more than just a pedestrian bridge. At night, the bridge will be lit up in circular forms to make it look dramatic and futuristic.

In addition, carbon-free buildings in the park will be modeled after Klein bottles, which are described as a closed bottle for which there is no distinction between inside and outside. They will all adopt a wooden structure to minimize carbon emissions and a photovoltaic system that generates electricity to power itself, neighboring buildings and electric vehicles through microgrids.

Their facades use thermochromic windows that darken as the sun heats its surface to reduce solar heat. A temperature control system using less energy will be adopted in summer and winter. Zero-carbon or low-carbon techniques such as natural ventilation, passive ventilation, natural lighting and ceiling fans will be deployed in spring and autumn to make the indoor environment more comfortable.

In the park, there will be a Jiangnan-style classic garden with the theme "Impression of West Lake".Signature features such as lotus ponds, airy pavilions and pagodas will be included.

According to local officials, the park will connect the venue of top science forums and residential areas via convenient footpaths. Moreover, buses will stop at the park and public parking lots there will be soon ready to serve the public. Plants in the park will be carefully selected from native species.

An artist's impression of the completed park in the Lingang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. CHINA DAILY