Innovative businesses setting up HQs in special zone

China Daily| Updated: Nov 17, 2021 L M S

The International Collaborative Innovation Zone at the Lin-gang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is home to growing businesses. CHINA DAILY

As part of the Lin-gang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the International Collaborative Innovation Zone has made progress in promoting innovative businesses.

Focused on frontier high-tech industries such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and digital economy, the ICIZ aims to help Shanghai become a technological innovation center, local officials said.

The innovation zone has a planned area of some 6.95 square kilometers and covers three sections: a bay for technology and innovation headquarters; a community of top scientists; and a science and technology innovation city, said Zhang Tong, head of the high-tech industry and technology innovation office at the administrative committee of the Lin-gang area.

The bay section is a key part to gather research and development headquarters, Zhang said.

The bay is planned to be a hub for technological innovation companies from across China and the world.

So far, a total of 23 headquarters projects by high-tech businesses such as Range Technology Development and DAS-Security are under construction.

Shanghai Anheng, a subsidiary of Hangzhou-based cybersecurity enterprise DAS-Security in the zone, is building its headquarters in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The company is constructing a cloud base for industrial internet and bases for data security, global network security and information technology application and innovation, with the aim to help build a digital economic industry in the delta region.

"Lin-gang is the landing point for the cross-Pacific fiber optic submarine cable in China and that is an advantage for internet companies," said Yan Xinxing, general manager of the company.

The Lin-gang area is home to a group of internet businesses, which have great demands for cybersecurity and that helps the company see burgeoning development, Yan added.

Another component of the ICIZ is the technology innovation city, which is constructing a platform to support industrial innovation and accelerating its services for science and innovation incubators and cross-border R&D.

One of the examples in the technology innovation city is a scientific and technological innovation platform, which is built to serve Shanghai's construction as a technological innovation center with global influence and helps to mobilize R&D resources, and to commercialize scientific results.

So far, the platform has attracted industries including intelligent manufacturing, IC, AI and aerospace, which promotes the development of high-tech companies in the area.

Employees test a product at Shanghai Lingang Power Electronics Institute. CHINA DAILY

Shanghai Lingang Power Electronics Institute is one of the businesses that has settled on the platform.

"Lin-gang's competitiveness in attracting top global talents is the most important factor that attracts us," said Xia Yuxin, a manager at the institute.

The area boasts strong advantages in providing overseas students with benefits including registering for permanent residence, Xia added.

The innovation zone has been constructed to attract talents from home and abroad and to demonstrate the integration of industrial and urban areas as well as be a destination for high-quality living, local officials said.

Next year, the innovation zone will set out 39 hectares of land for residential-use and construct schools and energy infrastructure, according to local officials.