Lin-gang seizes opportunities from cross-border data flows

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Nov 16, 2021 L M S

The 2021 International Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, was held in the Lin-gang Special Area in East China's Shanghai on Nov 11.

Zhang Tong, director of the Division of High-Tech Industry and Innovation of the Lin-gang Special Area Administration, was a key participant.

Zhang told the conference that more than 290 high-tech industries and technological innovation projects had been signed and implemented in the Lin-gang Special Area since its establishment in August 2019, involving a total investment of more than 350 billion yuan ($56.4 billion).

Lin-gang is said to currently be committed to the pathway of digital and intelligent development, seizing the opportunities presented by cross-border data flows and the unblocking of bottlenecks in industrial circulation. It is also striving to work out a Lin-gang plan on the establishment of an internet frontier standards system.

Shanghai is an important advanced manufacturing center in China. As a core part of the city's advanced manufacturing industry, Lin-gang initially formed an industry development pattern for integrated circuits, biomedicines, artificial intelligence, aerospace, new energy vehicles, high-end equipment, hydrogen energy and green remanufacturing.

From January to September, the total industrial output of the area increased by 91 percent year-on-year, achieving 79 percent of the annual target.