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Lin-gang to get eco-friendly, low carbon power station

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Oct 22, 2021 L M S

Shanghai Lin-gang Special Area Economic Development Co Ltd, one of the development companies of the Lin-gang Special Area on Oct 20 signed an agreement with State Grid (Shanghai) Integrated Energy Service Group Co Ltd to build an eco-friendly power plant in Dishui Lake Financial Bay.

Dishui Lake Financial Bay – a new financial hub north of Dishui Lake in the Lin-gang area – began construction in August last year. It's part of Lin-gang's ambitions to establish a cluster of cross-border financial headquarters and a financial innovation center by the lake.

The Dishui Lake Financial Bay green and low carbon power station will reportedly provide clean and environmentally friendly cooling and heating services for hotels, offices, commercial and cultural buildings in the region.

Covering an area of about 740,000 square meters, the station will have a daily design cooling capacity of 57 megawatts and a daily heating capacity of 33 mW.

After completion, the energy station will use low-level electricity for refrigeration or heating at night. During the day, it will give priority to releasing cold and heat stored in a water storage tank for the whole area.

In this way, nearly 18 million kWh of electricity can be accumulated to reduce peak and off-peak differences in the energy load for the power grid every year.

With the energy supplied by the new power plant, it's estimated that the area's buildings will not need to install separate cooling and heating power facilities. As a result, the total floor space for energy supply facilities can be reduced by about 80 percent, saving nearly 14,000 sq m of building area.

According to preliminary estimates, the overall energy utilization efficiency of the area's power supply will be improved by nearly 15 percent, while annual carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by nearly 4,000 tons.

The plant is scheduled to come into service in 2024. 


Shanghai Lin-gang Special Area Economic Development Co Ltd signs an agreement with State Grid (Shanghai) Integrated Energy Service Group Co Ltd on Oct 20. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

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