New cold storage inspection depot starts up at Yangshan port

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: May 14, 2021 L M S

Since its opening on March 25, the new cold storage customs inspection facility at the clearance area of Yangshan port - in the Lin-gang Special Area in East China's Shanghai city – has swung into gear.

It has shipped in 4,988 tons of goods, dispatched 1,350 tons of goods and inspected  8,000 TEUs, or twenty-foot equivalent units of containers.

As the only cold storage unit in the clearance area of Yangshan port, it boasts a total construction area of 16,511 square meters and has cold storage capacity of 23,000 tons.

Work gets underway at the new cold storage customs inspection facility, at the clearance area of Yangshan port in the Lin-gang Special Area. [Video/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

"We have laid high-precision floors, adopted a narrow-tunnel and super-high shelf layout and equipped it with imported narrow-tunnel special electric forklifts. We have used automatic positioning technology, which can maintain one ton of load at a height of 17 meters, greatly improving storage capacity and operational efficiency," an official said.

The cold storage facility can operate up to 20 inspection doors simultaneously – increasing its efficiency by 50 percent.

In addition to its design to the highest standards, it also comes equipped with an intelligent storage system and a full range of security controls.

In cooperation with Shanghai Maritime University, the cold storage facility has independently developed a digitization system based on RFID technology in a full 5G environment, which is applied in a large cold chain environment.


The monitoring panel of the digitization system is based on RFID technology. [Video/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

It has also been incorporated into the smart park management system, so that it can control the entire fire safety system, refrigeration system and energy consumption management system – enabling to activate early warnings.

At the same time - in order to save energy and protect the environment - the facility's lights will be switched on when forklift trucks enter and then turned at other times.

It reportedly differs from conventional cold storage facilities outside the supervision of customs and its core function is specifically configured to meet the requirements of frozen goods inspections at the customs port.

The completion and operation of the super-large cold storage depot is expected to greatly improve conditions at the port and meet the needs for novel coronavirus epidemic prevention.

It is also expected to further enhance the efficiency of the port's operations and services – helping to boost the development of the entire Lin-gang Special Area and the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone.