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14th Five-Year Plan: Lin-gang Special Area cutting-edge industrial development goals

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Apr 12, 2021 L M S

The Lin-gang Special Area – located in East China's Shanghai - has set new five-year goals for its cutting-edge industrial development, in order to attain groundbreaking achievements by 2025.

Goals to be achieved by 2025:

1. Accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies, products

The Lin-gang Special Area will focus on upgrading and commercializing its technologies and products. By 2025, 100 key core technology research and development projects will have been promoted. New breakthroughs will be achieved in major technology equipment or core components. The marketing and sales of products and services developed or manufactured by resident companies will go national and even global.

2. Speed up fostering of world-class core tech enterprises

By 2025, the Lin-gang Special Area will have added more than 1,000 high-tech enterprises and its businesses will have established more than 30 open industrial innovation platforms, taking take the lead in the country or even with international influence.

3. Expand industry, competitiveness

The Lin-gang Special Area will promote its industrial development and competitiveness. It aims to hit about 600 billion yuan ($91.44 billion) in the scale of its cutting-edge industries, with industrial output value at 500 billion yuan. It will also form three to five industrial clusters which has an industrial scale of 100 billion yuan.

4. Boost synergies of industrial integration in Yangtze Delta region

The Yangtze River Delta is an important area for economic development in the region. The Lin-gang Special Area will strengthen the integration of its industry production and supply chains, as well as jointly build demonstration bases for collaborative innovation and build platforms for major industrial cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta.

5. Become internationally recognized competitive free trade zone

By 2025, the Lin-gang Special Area will have achieved its opening up to a high standard in all areas. Meanwhile, more initiatives and achievements in terms of institutional innovation will have been introduced focusing on freedom of investment, trade, capital, transportation and employment.

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