Intelligent roads, buses seen driving advances in Lin-gang| Updated: Apr 2, 2021 L M S

An intelligent bus is tested on Huanhu Road Number One in the Lin-gang Special Area. [Video/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

Extensive test runs for intelligent buses have reportedly been carried out for the past six months on  Huanhu Road Number One in the Lin-gang Special Area – located in East China's Shanghai – in a program that could eventually pave the way for a far more streamlined and convenient transport system for residents.

The ongoing tests, which began on Sept 30 last year, are taking place on the 8.5-kilometer carriageway, which is the first open test road for intelligent connected vehicles in the city.

The intelligent roadway is based on 5G, intelligent connected vehicle technology, big data and artificial intelligence. Its developers have reportedly constructed a comprehensive and superb open test road and applications environment for intelligent buses.

Shanghai Lingang Transportation Co Ltd has carried out intelligent upgrades and the transformation of the road in the special area to guarantee the smooth running of an intelligent public transport system.

Various advanced equipment has been installed to provide streaming roadside traffic information for smart vehicles.


Advanced equipment is mounted at the special test road, to provide roadside traffic data for smart vehicles. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

Holographic perceptual intersections combine multi-source information on site – including video information, laser radar and millimeter wave radar data - to improve traffic efficiency and pedestrian safety.

Technologies for integrated vehicle road synergies and V2X – vehicle-to-everything auto communication systems - are expected to lead to intelligent public transport and special vehicles being prioritized and introduced.

Under the intelligent transport system, if a bus full of passengers is 20 meters away from an intersection and the green traffic light is about to turn red in five seconds, the smart road will transmit information on whether there are pedestrians and vehicles waiting to the bus.

The smart bus will then conduct instantaneous comprehensive analysis of the data, to decide whether to apply its brakes or issue an override command to delay the change of the green light.

It is said that the intelligent buses now running on Huanhu Road Number One - equipped with the most advanced smart vehicle and positioning technology - can achieve flawless intelligent driving, road coordination and intelligent control of public transport.

A popular carriageway for tours and sightseeing, Huanhu Road Number One combines sightseeing and commuting, with typical topographical features such as subway connections, commercial office areas and parks.

As such, it is regarded as providing the fullest range of test application scenarios that are needed for the smart bus test runs.


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