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14th Five-Year Plan for energy in Lin-gang Special Area

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I. Development goals

  • Enhance capacity of clean energy supplies

By 2025, the annual natural gas supply capacity for the Lin-gang Special Area in Shanghai is expected to reach 1.65 billion cubic meters. The installed capacity solar power generation is expected to reach 340 megawatts, while the installed capacity for wind power is expected to reach 800 mW and 13 new comprehensive energy supply stations will be built, including four hydrogen supply stations.

  • Optimize energy structure

The Lin-gang Special Area will continue to perform its basic function of supplying electric power to residents. By 2025, clean energy will account for 50 percent of primary energy consumption there. Renewable energy will account for 28 percent of total power consumption and electric power will account for 49 percent of terminal energy consumption. 

  • Ensure resilience in energy safety

By 2025, the reliability of regional power supplies is projected to reach 99.995 percent. The demand side from industrial and commercial customers will be piloted and the flexible peak load regulation capacity of the demand side will reach approximately 30 mW.

Establish intelligent, efficient comprehensive energy system

By 2025, the green building compliance rate for new civil buildings will reach 100 percent and the coverage rate of port power facilities is projected to be 100 percent.

II. Main tasks

The Lin-gang Special Area will promote four transformative energy initiatives and one significant area of cooperation in the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25).

The Lin-gang Special Area will promote international cooperation. The area will give full play to an open and convenient international cooperation environment and work hard to build a comprehensive energy system that is open, mutually beneficial, cooperative and complementary.

The Lin-gang Special Area will promote the energy technology revolution. It will forge a leading energy technology sector and use innovation as the driving force to develop highly coordinated platforms.

The Lin-gang Special Area will propel the energy supply revolution. It will improve its energy infrastructure and develop a deeply integrated energy supply system.

The Lin-gang Special Area will advance the energy system revolution. It will promote institutional and mechanism reforms, providing a fair and open environment for the rapid development of comprehensive energy.

The Lin-gang Special Area will boost the energy consumption revolution. It will build a comprehensive energy service system, to enhance the innovation ability of value reengineering.

III. Major projects

The Lin-gang Special Area plans seven major projects for the development of energy during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. It will build a resilient power system, an intelligent and a safe natural gas supply system. It will also build a complementary dispersed energy system that consists of multiple types of energy, a mature system of transport supply stations, a comprehensive and optimized regional energy system and a comprehensive energy management platform.

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