Several Measures for the Concentrated Development of the Artificial Intelligence Industry in Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

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(Excerpts from the Supportive Provisions of the Measures) 

1. Supporting the concentration of major projects. According to Lin-gang Special Area's functional orientation and industrial basis, the deep integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with integrated circuits, biomedicine, aviation and aerospace, high-end equipment manufacturing and strategic emerging industries is supported. The AI industry is supported to facilitate the development of new industries and new forms of business such as intelligent connected vehicles, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent robots. Specific incentives and supportive measures are discussed and determined by Lin-gang Special Area Administration.

2. Supporting original innovation in key technologies. Enterprises are supported to tackle problems in AI chips, core algorithms, operating systems and basic software, intelligent sensors and other basic core technologies or key generic technologies. Projects that lead industry development or make breakthroughs shall be offered financial support up to 20 million yuan ($2.83 million) according to the project's technological innovation level and investment. In principle, important projects can receive financial support for three consecutive years according to project progress.

3. Supporting scenario enrichment and pilot application. Projects in Lin-gang Special Area that create and enrich world-class application scenarios are supported. "Lin-gang Special Area AI+" action shall be implemented by focusing on high-quality economic development, people's high-quality life and efficient urban operation, to guide the latest achievements in global AI to "try first" in Lin-gang Special Area and to create a batch of innovative applications facing the world and the future.

1) Major projects recognized as State-level or Shanghai municipal pilot AI application scenarios shall be offered a one-off reward of 3 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively, besides the financial support from the State and Shanghai Municipality.

2) A "two-way" reward system is adopted to accelerate scenario enrichment and practical application. For recognized demonstration projects or application scenarios, the reward for investors shall be 30 percent of the investment in AI technology, products and services with a maximum of 3 million yuan and the reward for technology, product and service providers shall be 50 percent of the actual research and development (R&D) cost with a maximum of 2 million yuan. The enterprise or project applying for this policy shall not enjoy the supportive policies in Article 3 of Several Policies for Promoting Industrial Development in Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

3) After assessment, application scenario solutions produced in Lin-gang Special Area as innovative products are recommended to be added to the Recommended Innovation Product List of Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Recommended List). The deepening and construction of Demonstration Projects for public services are supported. According to actual needs and standard procedures, Party and government departments, enterprises and institutions in Lin-gang Special Area shall give priority to innovative products in the Recommended List recommended by Lin-gang Special Area when purchasing similar products, and build and publicize several public demonstration projects for AI application every year, to provide experimental application demonstrations for enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets while taking the lead in using AI to improve service efficiency and management service levels.

4) Qualified enterprises, universities, research institutes, industry associations and other institutions are encouraged to build global online network platforms for traditional industries (all walks of life) to quickly and efficiently match the demand published by AI technology and services and by AI enterprises. According to the platform construction investment and results, a subsidy equal to 50 percent of the annual operating expenses shall be offered with a maximum of 1 million yuan for each platform.

5) Core projects that can support the construction of special economic functional zones and a modern new city in the fields of smart city, smart industry and smart tourism construction will be offered 100 percent (maximum) financial support. Through project support, various scenarios shall be discovered, selected and promoted to establish test platforms for joint application of AI, and be regularly announced to AI enterprises in Lin-gang Special Area, so as to provide a real test environment for innovative products and services.

6) Enterprises, universities and research institutes are encouraged to build innovative supporting platforms for open source, shared and collaborative AI data collection, algorithm pooling, open computing power, and inspection and testing in Lin-gang Special Area. Enterprises purchasing platform services will be offered a subsidy equal to 30 percent of the actual purchase cost with a maximum of 500,000 yuan for each enterprise.

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