Lin-gang Special Area announces "1+4" policies for promoting industrial development

lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Oct 18, 2019 L M S

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-gang Special Area Administration on Oct 18 announced 16 policies for promoting industrial development and 40 supportive measures for the concentrated development of four key industries: integrated circuits (IC), artificial intelligence (AI), biomedicine, aviation and aerospace.

The measures will enhance capacity for scientific and technological innovation and industrial integration, raise the level of regional industries as a whole, build world-class cutting-edge industrial clusters holding key core technologies, and accelerate the building of an open industrial system that is competitive in the international market.

Lin-gang Special Area life science and technology zone was also unveiled on the same day, when 15 key biomedicine projects were signed, involving seven billion yuan ($1 billion) of investment.

Lin-gang Special Area life science and technology zone's total planned area is 4.5 square kilometers. Two million sq m of property space are available for sustainable introduction of biomedicine projects.

Relying on Lin-gang Special Area's advantages in industry, policy, personnel and resources, benchmarking the highest standards through high-starting-point planning, high-standard construction, high-quality support, Lin-gang Special Area life science and technology zone will form a complete industrial chain, innovation chain and eco-chain, focus on breakthroughs in key areas, key links and bottleneck technologies.

Policies for promoting industrial development in Lin-gang Special Area

The policies focus on and support four key industries: IC, AI, biomedicine, and aviation and aerospace, mainly support major projects in strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology (IT), high-end equipment manufacturing, internet of vehicles, new materials, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as major projects and specific investment matters established by the State or Shanghai municipality. There are 16 core articles.

Breakthroughs in key core technologies and products are supported, including three aspects: supporting key core technology research and development (R&D) projects, supporting breakthroughs in developing the first unit/set/batch of major technical equipment or core components, and supporting the procurement of products/services developed/manufactured by enterprises in the area.

Building and upgrading industrial capacity are supported, including five aspects: supporting projects in strategic emerging industries, supporting intelligent/information-based development, supporting technological upgrading, supporting energy conservation and emission reductions, and supporting special major projects.

Self-dependent innovation capacity building is supported, including four aspects: identifying and rewarding new and high-technology enterprises, supporting the incubation of "small giants" in science and technology, supporting enterprises to lead or participate in the formulation of standards, and intellectual property (IP) facilitation and incentives.

Environment building for industrial innovation is supported, including four aspects: supporting the construction of functional platforms, various innovation carriers, industry associations and industrial alliances, and supporting the gathering of innovation resources, as well as innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

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