Lin-gang takes steps to meet May Day holiday parking demand| Updated: Apr 30, 2021 L M S

The Lin-gang Special Area – in East China's Shanghai city - is currently converting a lot of space into temporary parking, to satisfy the travel demands of visitors and locals during the May Day holiday.

It is also beefing up its bus service and providing parking lot guidance signs to ease the traffic pressure.

Several large machines are finishing preparing an area south of the Tax Bureau and east of Zijinghua Road, which is scheduled to be put into service with 416 parking spaces during the break.

Lin-gang takes steps to meet May Day holiday parking demand.jpg

An area of ground is converted into a temporary parking lot. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

"Visitors can drive in from the west gate and follow the signs. Car navigation will lead people to the new parking lot, according to AutoNavi and Baidu" said the project manager.

The bus company will run direct buses plus whole-route buses - equipping its service with five direct buses in case of large passenger flows - at the rate of every 2-3 minutes a shift on average. It has also arranged 10 more direct services every day to scenic spots, aiming to connect public transportation and self-driving seamlessly.

Indicating signs at every junction will guide vehicles to enter various parking lots and Lin-gang is reportedly making use of branch roads to disperse traffic flows.

Visitors can also use shared bicycles and other temporary parking lots to avoid crowds, which is convenient and efficient.

Given the current novel coronavirus epidemic situation, it has been deemed that preventative measures are needed when traveling, for health and safety. Travelers are being advised to wear a mask and maintain a safe social distance during their journey.


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