Pilot production tech platform to settle in Lin-gang area| Updated: Mar 25, 2021 L M S

Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co Ltd signed an agreement on March 23 to jointly create with Ruizhou Biotech Co Ltd a good manufacturing pilot production technology platform in the Lin-gang Special Area in Shanghai.

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Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co Ltd and Ruizhou Biotech Co Ltd sign an agreement to create a pilot production technology platform on March 23. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

The partners will build a development and incubation technology platform for pathogenic microbial biological products. They will also jointly promote the development of the health sector in Life Science Blue Bay, a biomedicines industrial base in the Lin-gang Special Area.

Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co Ltd, one of the development companies of Lin-gang Special Area, is mainly responsible for the development and construction of the Fengxian expanded zone of the Lin-gang industrial area.

Ruizhou Biotech is a company engaged in the R&D and production of innovative biological products, focusing on the development of new generation vaccines and recombinant protein biological products at an international and advanced level.

The company reportedly has established a world-class advanced R&D technology platform for vaccines and biological products as well as a strict quality control system, which supports the research and industrial development of biological products.

The pilot production technology platform developed by Ruizhou Biotech is expected to further strengthen the development and industrial incubation of pathogenic microbial biological products. That's on the basis of the original platform - and it is will establish a microbial pilot production technology platform which accords with international Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP.

Plans are for the platform to accelerate the R&D and clinical application of new vaccines and biological products, as well as provide powerful support for the commercialization of high-quality and innovative products.

Meanwhile, the platform is seen providing a GMP-level pilot production base and professional pilot production services for biopharmaceutical R&D institutions and companies, to meet the growing demand for R&D and the industrialization of new biological products, filling the gaps in the market.


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