Lin-gang Special Area sets out ambitious 2021 targets

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Jan 19, 2021 L M S

The Lin-gang Special Area Administration is formulating a series of innovative policies and institutional measures to intensify stress tests in such areas as investment access, trade in goods, financial opening-up, the digital economy and intellectual property protection. The measures will be benchmarked against leading international economic and trade rules such as the CPTPP, RCEP and USMCA.

The Lin-gang Special Area Administration is actively seeking the support of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to implement a key list for the management system of the area.

After approval, financial institutions' assessments of the authenticity of cross-border settlements for businesses on the list will be changed from a pre-verification to post-verification status.

The Lin-gang Special Area Administration is also looking at whether to expand the target list of skilled talent and to encourage representative enterprises in industries outside the list to speed up independent assessments in the matter.

An existing policy on household registration for domestic talent will be further relaxed. Within 2021, about 4 million square meters of new housing will be added, including about 10,000 units of commercially available housing and 10,000 units of government-subsidized housing of various types.

The transportation system of Lin-gang will be improved, while the transformation of Lianggang Avenue and the construction of Highway S2 and the Haigang Avenue Overpass Ramps will be finished in 2021.

The Lin-gang Special Area will carry out tests of the pilot expressway/elevated highway for intelligent connected vehicles, as well as accelerate the construction of phase two of a test demonstration zone for intelligent connected vehicles.

Last but not least, schools and shopping malls will also be built to provide a better living environment for residents. It is worth noting that Lin-gang will also build a large sports venue.

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