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Lin-gang upgrades policy support for AI industry

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Dec 31, 2020 L M S

The Lin-gang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone has updated its policies on artificial intelligence (AI) and released them on Dec 26 in an effort to boost the industry.

The omnibus policy package offers rewards and subsidies that prioritize AI development. It is the most generous such policy package in the country, according to Sun Xiaohe, deputy director of the Division of High-Tech Industry and Innovation of the Lin-gang Special Area Administration.

For example, certified open-source platforms for deep learning will have half of their research and development costs subsidized up to a total amount of 30 million yuan ($4.6 million), and 10 percent of their annual operating costs subsidized up to a total amount of 1 million yuan per year.

The policy also supports AI-related competitions and activities involving public data collection, optimization, improvement, and first utilization of infrastructure, application of technologies, and construction of industry ecosystems. The subsidy will vary in amount.

In addition, to bolster the rapid and large-scale development of AI companies in Lin-gang, a strategy has been formulated to offer different rewards based on business revenue.

According to Sun, AI companies whose main business income exceeds 5 million yuan for the first time will receive a reward of between 200,000 and 12 million yuan. In addition, domestic and foreign high-quality AI enterprises that set up operations in Lin-gang will receive a one-time award of up to 8 million yuan.

The area has also taken measures to encourage the deep integration of industry, universities, and research, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights. A maximum of 100 million yuan will be rewarded to those recognized as national key laboratories and national enterprise technology centers.

The new policy is more comprehensive than the previous one, containing provisions supporting the open-source AI community and detailed terms intended for the creation and development of an entire AI ecosystem.

Companies can start applying for various forms of support in January of next year, and the first group of applicants will begin receiving subsidies and rewards in March of next year.


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