Lin-gang braces for tourists during eight-day holiday

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Sep 30, 2020 L M S

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day both fall on Oct 1 this year, and an eight-day holiday in celebration of the two days is fast approaching.

Lin-gang Special Area has planned a series of events for the holiday, which can be seen below.

Events around Dishui Lake:

  • Dishui lakeside music fair

Where: Dishui Lake square

When: Oct 1 to 8

  • Water screen light show

Where: Sunken plaza at the Dishui Lake metro station

When: 18:30-21:00, Sept 30 to Oct 11

  • Dishui Lake Rim Green Belt festoon lighting fair

Where: Between the sunken plaza at the Dishui Lake metro station and the approaching bridge of South Island

When: 18:00-21:00 from Sept 30

  • Selection of The Voice of China (Shanghai division)

Where: Lakeside broadcasting room (near the approaching bridge of South Island)

When: Oct 1 to 5

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