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EIA to be completed at record speed of 50 days or less

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Aug 28, 2020 L M S

Mercedes-Benz has reduced the standard four months required to complete the environmental impact assessment (EIA) to no more than 50 days, including technical evaluation of the environmental impact report, EIA approval and the issuing of pollutant discharge permits.

The remarkable speed was made possible by the implementation of Several Measures to Promote the High-quality Development of Environmental Management in Lin-gang Special Area (hereinafter referred to as Several Measures) announced by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment in July.


A one-stop solution in Lin-gang Special Area makes EIA procedures much simpler, requiring only one set of materials, one application form, one acceptance letter, and simultaneous approval. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

Lin-gang Special Area has exempted EIA procedures for 15 projects since the implementation of Several Measures, according to statistics from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment.

Most of the projects are schools, residential buildings, and office buildings, such as the land No A03-01 standard workshop in the Lin-gang heavy equipment industrial zone and the land No NNW-C4B-0A middle school.

In addition, the technical renovation of AS28 automobiles in the SAIC industrial base of Lin-gang Special Area has simplified its environment impact report into the environment impact form, which has shortened the preparation and approval time of EIA documents.

Seven industrial projects have carried out EIA notification and commitment to achieve simultaneous approval, and seven projects have benefited from simplifying the application materials for EIA.

Lin-gang is not only building up a green channel for high-quality projects, but also lists 20 percent of projects in the approval system on the Directory of Key Industries under Classified Management of Environmental Impact Assessment for Construction Projects in Lin-gang Special Area to tighten supervision on businesses and projects with high risks and huge impact on the environment.


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