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Lin-gang Special Area approves first hukou for talent

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Jul 17, 2020 L M S

In May, the authority to approve direct household registration (hukou) for Chinese and foreign talent was granted to Lin-gang Special Area authorities with support from the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

Lin-gang Special Area has received 35 applications so far, among which three qualified people have been granted Shanghai household registration.

Ma Chaoguang, a senior engineer who obtained a Shanghai residential license for 86 months, was the first talent to successfully take up residence in  Lin-gang Special Area on May 29.

Ma Chaoguang said that the policy shortens the time needed to apply for residence (previously seven years), and makes life more convenient.


People are hard at work at the Lin-gang Special Area Talent Service Center. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

In addition, registered companies in Lin-gang Special Area that qualify as major institutions have the ability to apply for household registration for their talent. A "talent" is somebody whose vocation aligns with their degree, who has a bachelor's degree, and who has more than two years of experience at a qualified company. Assistance in purchasing a home will also be provided for such talent.


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