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First batch of Lin-gang talents obtain Shanghai hukou

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Jun 10, 2020 L M S

Jin Jun, vice president of Xibohan (Shanghai) Marine Equipment Technology Co Ltd, recently obtained a Shanghai hukou, or a household registration, giving him permanent residence in Shanghai.

He is the first recipient of the Lin-gang Special Area's talent policy which shortens the amount of time needed to obtain a permanent residence permit from seven years to three.

In addition to Jin, six other professionals managed to obtain their hukou through a policy which shortens the time needed to five years.

Since the establishment of the Lin-gang Special Area, a series of talent policies have been introduced.

Lin-gang Special Area firstly proposed a two-year commitment period method. Professionals who have worked for a certain number of years and commit to continue working in Lin-gang for more than two years after gaining their hukou can convert their temporary residence permit into a permanent resident permit in just three years.

Jin Jun's company belongs to the high-end equipment industry and set up operations in Lingang Marine Science Park in 2017.

According to an official at the talent service hall of the Lin-gang Special Area Administrative Service Center, the other six beneficiaries of the policy are mostly from high-end equipment and scientific firms and the modern service industry. They did not meet Shanghai's policy requirements to obtain permanent residence, but were still able to obtain their hukou in advance because of Lin-gang's policy.

In order to create a more attractive talent development environment, Lin-gang will focus on attracting and training more domestic and foreign talent.


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