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Lin-gang Special Area to boost cultural industry

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Apr 16, 2020 L M S


Lin-gang Special Area [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]

Lin-gang Special Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone released several measures to promote the development of the area's cultural industry on April 14.

According to Zhang Xiaoyan, an official of the division of business, culture, sports, and tourism of the Lin-gang Special Area Administration, policy incentives will generally be the best in Shanghai.

Lin-gang Special Area will take advantage of its geography and explore ways to hold displays of cultural artworks and relics, auctions, and trade events for foreign-funded enterprises.

To support the film industry

Lin-gang Special Area will encourage market entities to invest in and develop film and television bases, film and television post-production, the application and R&D of special effects technology, and supporting facilities for large-scale film and television events.  

The government of Lin-gang Special Area will offer a maximum of 8 million yuan ($1.1 million) to film or television productions either completed in Shanghai or with Lin-gang enterprises as primary producers if said productions win awards or their market performance meets certain standards. Productions that were filmed or had their post-production work completed in Lin-gang are also eligible for awards.

To support the entertainment industry

Lin-gang Special Area will promote the construction of performing venues by offering subsidies of up to 30 percent of the total investment to performing venue construction projects, with individual projects eligible to receive up to 20 million yuan.

Venues that hold at least 200 performances per year or that hold top international or domestic performances can receive up to one million yuan in subsidies.

To support the digital cultural industry

Lin-gang Special Area will support the creation and promotion of original anime games, expand the scale of the original anime game industry, and strengthen its local e-sports brand.

E-sports clubs established in Lin-gang Special Area can receive up to three million yuan, two million yuan, or one million yuan in awards of they win first, second, or third place in international e-sports competitions offering at least $1 million in prize money or national competitions offering at least three million yuan in prize money.

To support the art industry

Lin-gang Special Area will develop an art industrial chain consisting of creation, exhibitions, appraisal and evaluation, auction transactions, warehousing and logistics, education and training, financial services, and more. It will also build a global artwork exhibition and trading platform to attract world famous art management organizations, artists, collectors, antique dealers, and professional audiences.

Art auction institutions in Lin-gang that hold at least one high-level art auction in the area every year that generates at least 100 million yuan in transactions will be able to receive up to five million yuan in subsidies.

To support foreign cultural trade

Lin-gang Special Area will encourage the export of cultural products and urge cultural and creative enterprises to participate in major international exhibitions and cultural events such as overseas art festivals, animation exhibitions, film and television exhibitions, performing arts exhibitions, and entertainment and gaming equipment exhibitions.

Key cultural export projects recently rated as national or municipal projects or projects actively participating in famous overseas cultural and creative exhibitions that can effectively enhance the cultural influence of Lin-gang can receive up to one million yuan in subsidies from the government.

Lin-gang Special Area will also promote cultural financial services, the listing and financing of cultural enterprises, the introduction of high-quality cultural enterprises and institutions and high-level cultural talent, the holding of large-scale cultural and tourism activities, and the development of special industrial research.

Zhang Xiaoyan added that companies can enjoy multiple types of support if they meet the multiple terms and conditions of the policy.


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