'Sponge campus' makes Lin-gang Special Area vigorous

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Apr 7, 2020 L M S

The Lin-gang Special Area is the first national "sponge city" pilot project location in Shanghai and the largest "sponge city" in the country, in terms of area.

The "sponge city" pilot project aims to increase the rainwater absorption capabilities of local neighborhoods, streets and greenery in order to ease the impact on the city during both rainy and arid seasons.

The "sponge campus" renovation project of Shanghai Dianji University is nearing completion.

1.jpgA "sponge campus", using landscape design techniques, allows for an increased water absorption capacity. [Photo by Wu Jiale]

2.jpgRain garden in Shanghai Dianji University [Photo by Wu Jiale]


Shanghai Dianji University carries out experimental monitoring, ecological practice and popular science education to create "sponge classrooms". [Photo by Wu Jiale]


By building artificial wetlands, rain gardens and storage facilities, Shanghai Dianji University has achieved an annual runoff control rate of 85 percent and an annual runoff pollution control rate of 60 percent. [Photo by Wu Jiale]

5.jpgArtificial wetland at Shanghai Dianji University [Photo by Wu Jiale]

7.jpgThe construction of sponge campuses, sponge green spaces and sponge roads will inject new vitality into Lin-gang Special Area. [Photo by Wu Jiale]