Shanghai Metro Line 16 to Lin-gang Special Area adds new trains| Updated: Mar 25, 2020 L M S


New train on Shanghai Metro Line 16 [Photo/WeChat account: shmetro]

The first newly purchased train to run Shanghai Metro Line 16 started operating on March 23.

One six-car train will be added during the morning rush hour, bringing the number of six-car trains to 11, which will relieve congestion on Line 16. Two trains will be added during peak travel times, shortening the interval between trains to seven minutes.

At busy stations, the waiting time between every train will be reduced from 100 minutes to 60 minutes during peak travel times.

The old three-car trains on Line 16 have an approved passenger capacity of 1,097, while the newly purchased six-car trains have a capacity of 2,318, which is 124 more than that of the "3+3" reconnected six-car trains.

There are 11 six-car trains operating currently, with three-car and six-car trains separated from each other. The interval between trains has been shortened to three minutes.

A total of 15 six-car trains were purchased for Line 16. The new trains will be rolled out one by one to replace the current three-car trains. In the future, Line 16 will exclusively have six-car trains.


The first, second, fifth and sixth cars of the new train have full longitudinal seating arrangements, and the third and fourth trains are lengthened to further increase the passenger capacity. [Photo/WeChat account: shmetro]


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