Shanghai delegates more power to Lin-gang Special Area

lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Mar 3, 2020 L M S

Shanghai recently carried out a comprehensive review of the administrative examination and approval system and administrative penalty system at the municipal and district levels that will be centrally exercised by the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-gang Special Area Administration.

A list of the first 517 items which will be subject to the Lin-gang Special Area Administration was formed. It included 291 municipal-level items and 226 district-level items.

The Lin-gang Special Area Administration will have the right to examine and approve household registration for domestic skilled workers and overseas students and their families who come to Shanghai to work.

The administration will also have the power to increase support given to innovative scientific and technology companies which focus on cutting-edge industries such as integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, aviation and aerospace.

It will also have the right to examine and approve the establishment of high-tech companies and Shanghai advanced technology service enterprises.

In addition, there has been a substantial increase in the administration's authority when it comes to planning resources, road construction, and city layout and ecology.

Business affairs for companies will also be simplified, which will enable Lin-gang Special Area to build a first class investment environment.

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