Q&A on exit-entry for foreigners in China during epidemic

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Feb 5, 2020 L M S

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Questions and Answers by National Immigration Administration Concerning Immigration and Exit-Entry Administration during the Period of Prevention and Control on Pneumonia caused by Novel Coronavirus

Question: Are foreigners allowed to entry or exit as usual during the period of epidemic prevention and control?

Answer: The Chinese government has taken a series of strong measures since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus. As President Xi Jinping stated, China has full confidence and capability to win the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak. At present, except for the lockdown of the exit channel of Wuhan ports, all port visa agencies are operating as usual. Visa-free transit policy for foreigners are still effective. All land, sea and air ports of China are functioning. Foreigners can enter or exit as usual with their valid international travel documents.

At present, it is helpful to the epidemic prevention and control by reducing cross border movements. Foreigners could make reasonable travel arrangements to China and stay or reside in China as usual. Due to entry restrictions adopted by some countries and regions, it is advised that foreigners who need to exit from China, should learn in advance entry requirements of destination countries or regions to avoid financial and time losses in case of any entry refusals. Those who travel to countries or regions without entry restrictions, are advised to arrive at exit ports well ahead of departure time for necessary checks. Foreigners having fever with symptoms of acute respiratory infection such as cough or breathing difficulties, should avoid international travels and seek immediate medical treatment at the nearest hospitals. Information such as recent activities as well as close contacts should be provided to relevant authorities for any necessary control measures.

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