Shanghai Kuiyuan

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Kuiyuan is located at the intersection of Dongda Highway and Lianggang Avenue in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It is a novel rural leisure place that integrates scenic sightseeing, characteristic farmyard dining, traditional residential accommodation and health preservation that relies on traditional Chinese medicine.

It has four antique old houses that have been moved and rebuilt as a whole. The accommodation rooms in Kuiyuan were built in accordance with the standards for starred hotels.

Besides standard rooms and business rooms, there are original classical Chinese-style big bed rooms, classic duplex and courtyard suites with of Jiangnan characteristics.

Chinese-style furniture adds to the experience for guests. Kuiyuan takes unique farmyard catering and characteristic farm dishes as its highlight.

The restaurant emphasizes the local ecology, and many raw materials used in the scenic spot are produced and marketed by Kuiyuan.

Cuisine: farmyard dishes, health-preserving dishes

Address: No 4677, Dongda Highway (near Lianggang Ave), Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Opening hours: 9 am-9 pm

Tel: +86-21-68190777

Recommended dishes and other features: free-range local chickens, small seafood from the East China Sea, self-grown green organic vegetables

  • Address No 200 Shengang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
  • Zip Code 201306
  • TEL +86-21-68283063
  • FAX +86-21-68283000