Shanghai Fangzhu Kindergarten

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Shanghai Fangzhu Kindergarten [Photo/shlghr.com]

Fangzhu Kindergarten is a public kindergarten in Pudong New Area. Entrusted by Shanghai Shen Jianfang Education Management Center, Fangzhu Kindergarten officially opened in September 2015.

The goal of running the kindergarten is to create a warm home for children to study and to enjoy sports and games. The kindergarten pays attention to the lifelong development of the children, to cultivate the "five capacities" of intelligent children who are healthy, confident, lively, distinctive and clever, happy to explore and courageous, cooperative, careful and ambitious, so that their personalities can achieve independent development.

  • Address No 200 Shengang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
  • Zip Code 201306
  • TEL +86-21-68283063
  • FAX +86-21-68283000